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The solution for pension funds


The solution for pension funds

The solution for pension funds

"PensionTrust" specializes in the translation of the funded part of labor pension in private pension funds (NPF). To implement this idea, the company uses the affiliate model of development. Partner (franchisee) buys a ready-made business model under one brand "PensionTrast". Franchisee, being independent financially and legally embedded in the finished process.

Project Analysis

To support workflow company Anakreon created a Web site that is on the one hand is a marketing tool, and contains all the information about the activities of "PensionTrust", and on the other hand, fully implements the accounting work with agents (partners), including accretion of premiums, accounting fees, partnerships networks and so on.

To solve the content management system Drupal version 7 was used.

In addition 8 modules have been developed that implement the required functionality.

In particular, we have implemented:

modified system of registration on the site;

management of additional special types of fields (for example, pension SNILS security number);

implementation of complex hierarchy of users and agents by the complex algorithms of calculation of remuneration and bonuses;

integration with the base address of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;

addition of video content materials, teaching the consultants working with the site;

Thus, for a short time, thanks to maximum use Drupal content management system, Anakreon was created by experts functionally complex advanced in the field of pension insurance system.


The site is implemented on the basis of content management system Drupal version 7 (PHP). Powered by shared host that is running a Linux operating system.

Project Result

After starting the system in July 2011, it registered a significant number of agents. The system works successfully. In February-March 2012 made revision of the system taking into account the specification of the customer's business model.

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