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Drupal Jobs


Drupal Jobs

Drupal Jobs

If you're the owner or administrator of Drupal-powered web site, sometimes there is a need in professional support.

Project Analysis

Drupal Jobs provides quality Drupal engineering services with no minimal or monthly fee. You always pay just for the job done. All communication goes through Drupal Jobs site - you buy support credits, submitting support ticket and get work done!

An easy, affordable way to hire professional Drupal expertise.

Our company was chosen to build the whole system – starting from IA/BA documentation and up to actual work on end customers’ Drupal support and development requests.

Project Result


The key goal while designing the system was to make it as easy to use as possible to save customer’s time – if a task needs few hours of programming it shouldn’t take over few minutes to order the job. Quick ordering, quick and easy communication with developers were critical for the success of the whole project.

Our engineers paid a lot of attention to system architecture for this project, including creating mind maps, use-case diagrams, prototypes for the system.

The project was built using Drupal 6 and demonstrates the possibilities of this CMS: rather a complicated system was successfully implemented using contributed Drupal modules with minimal customizations.

Drupal is extremely good in roles distinction/permissions and our engineers used it as much as possible. The system was designed to give managers control over all the projects/tasks in the system and provides them possibilities for statistics gathering, while the client has access only to own projects to protect privacy. On the other hand, one client company may have several projects - in this case the information about the projects is available to all the registered members belonging to the same company.

User experience

Our UI engineers spent a lot of time on elaborating extremely easy to use interface for end customer using AJAX for most commonly used tasks like file uploading or commenting.

Registration is easy – customer needs to enter just his name, email and password to request a job.

We made client’s menu very simple – only necessary functions are left. Simple navigation, no doubts how to use any function.

Additional information is requested from client only when needed – no need to spend time on filling endless form fields.

Launching of Drupal Jobs site benefits both Warecorp company (Drupal Jobs service owner) and its customers. Warecorp benefits from well-organized processes and new clients, since easy to use interface allows using the system for almost all types of Drupal projects and handle even bigger projects than was planned at the discovery stage

Drupal site owners benefit from easy to use tool to order Drupal-related services in a safe and efficient way.

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