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ZanbyZanby is enterprise, white-label, social software built around the idea that groups of people are the building block of communities. A chapter is a group in an association. A department is a group in a company. A neighborhood is a group in a city. Zanby Group Families provide associations, cities and companies – and other Group Families – a way to build, design and manage the exact working network they need. Based completely on the groups that form the whole.




Belarusian Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belavtostrada" - a modern enterprise with powerful industrial and intellectual potential, which ensures the development of roads in the following areas:
1. Integrated development of roads, improvement of its technical condition, effective planning and use of funds, monitoring of compliance with road users of the law of the Republic of Belarus "About automobile roads".
2. The full range of work on maintenance and repair of roads and create safe movement of vehicles.
3. Tolls to finance repairs.

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