New phase of Sophia v 5.0 project

June 9, 2015

We started to develop a new version of the training portal Sophia!

SOPHIA - a new generation in the field of educational resources, providing online services.

SOPHIA brings an innovative perspective on the interaction of students and teachers. The system operates two segments of users.

Users of the free service, which include teachers and students. The former have the flexibility to work with students, collection and statistical analysis of materials.

Students, in turn, can easily keep track of your progress and develop the necessary materials. The second segment - SPCC courses, through the purchase and successful completion of which, students are able to provide the results of its university.

The balance between the two segments does SOPHIA unique product. SOPHIA The next version will support the free segment of the audience, but the focus will move to the field and SPCC new segment of professional education for teachers.

The aim is to increase the conversion rate of purchases and increase revenues SOPHIA as a market product.