CIVIC COMMONS - Directory Open Source solutions

December 16, 2011

Civic Commons is a marketplace for open innovation in government.

Directory Open Source solutions for government agencies in the USA


Create an online catalog of software Open Source with the publication of real-life scenarios of using software in government agencies (mainly the USA).


  • Employees of IT departments of state. institutions responsible for making decisions on the choice of technology.

  • The developers of Open Source software


Main Issues

  • The complex relationships between entities (software organization, a user, various types of data)

  • An output map of using software to clustering / grouping on different levels (city, region, country)

  • Design and implementation of the most user-friendly interface content additions - taking into account the complex relationships between the different types of data.

  • The distributed (geographically) the development team (Minsk, Philippines, USA) - the complexity of transfer functionality, developed by different teams.


  • Drupal 7 - as a content management system.

  • Openlayers library and a set of modules for Drupal (Geocode, Geofield, AddressField) to collect and display geodatabase. There was also redesigned third-party database cities in the world for quick work with the coordinates of cities and regions - more than 3 million records..

  • Context module for controlling the layout of pages.

  • Modules have been written for Drupal, providing input and display of information on the website in accordance with the requirements of the customer - the plugins and handlers for Views, custom field types and formatters for their output, custom functions to collect and display statistics regarding use of the software.

  • The main means of releases and deploymenta functional control module used Features and source control system Git.

  • Agile approach to project management.


Thanks to the rich functionality "out of the box" the Drupal 7 system, as well as the high professionalism of the staff "Anarkreon" of the system was developed and implemented as soon as possible